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We are a special interest group of the American Physical Therapy Association Wisconsin  (APTA WI)  specifically for students. The SSIG (Student Special Interest Group) provides a means for PT and PTA students with common interests to meet, confer, and promote the interests of the chapter and of their membership category. The SSIG provides opportunities for student involvement and networking at the state level. Other states also have SSIGs! Want to know how to get involved in Wisconsin?


Who are we?

The Student Special Interest Group is here to make your SPT and SPTA student voice heard! We provide opportunities to get involved and interact with students from other programs. From Wisconsin Student Conclave to PT Pub Night to fundraising, our goal is to make sure you get the most out of your years as an APTA and APTA WI student member. Have a great idea? Planning an event for your school and want greater turnout? Contact us! 

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Join a SSIG Committee

Please consider joining a SSIG Committee! It's a great opportunity to grow the profession, build your resume, and network with other students across the state of Wisconsin.

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Conclave Planning Committee

Help to plan and coordinate Wisconsin Student Conclave (WiSC) 2024. WiSC is the only student-run professional PT/PTA conference in the state of Wisconsin. This is the largest networking event we, as students, can attend. It is a great opportunity to get your name out there and build up your resume for future employment opportunities!

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Fundraising Committee

As fundraising committee members, we can work together to help raise funds and support our goals for the Student Special Interest Group (SSIG). The more money we have, the more opportunities we have to support students in their preparation to become effective therapists.  

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Social Outreach Committee

Help expand our engagement with the students from different programs via social media posts, inviting people to/sharing information about upcoming events, creating awareness about political happenings, and more! 

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Student Networking Committee

Plan fun get-together events throughout the year to help connect students from different DPT and PTA programs. We are looking for students from all different schools on the committee so that we can plan events in each city! Social events are a great way to meet other PT students and create lasting friendships. 

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Keep up with us!

Be the first to find out about events, scholarship opportunities, 2024 conclave tickets, and everything in between.

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